LEADLIGHT & Stained Glass Installation

We offer a comprehensive leadlight installation service, for all size jobs – from small door additions to large scale ecclesiastic work.

We understand that leadlight and stained glass windows require more delicate handling during installation, so you can count on us for a professional job done with the upmost care.

As good as new

The process of repairing/replacing/creating leadlight and stained glass windows is delicate and intensive. Windows are measured with precision, neighbourhood style of adornment is considered, the building’s history/age is noted and of course the clients personal taste is taken into account. All before the window making even begins.

Because of this, we take the installation of the window very seriously. With so many hours invested in this custom and unique window, having it break or not fitted properly is not an option. Our history and passion for this art form means that you can trust us and the professionals we work with the get the job done properly and safely.

Make an enquiry for stained glass and leadlight repairs here:

Please include sizes and some description of windows/damage and whether the window is ground floor or higher.

If you like you can upload photos of the windows in question and/or windows you would like to match.