While every job Indigo Stained Glass is custom to your needs, there are some common questions and curiosities that we hope the information below can help clear up! If you have any extra queries, feel free to get in touch!

What is the process when ordering a window?

All of our windows are custom designed to your specifications. Initially, a quote is provided based on the size of window and design and style you require. If you are unsure what you would like, then a price range is given that will be refined later when we know the style of design. The prices are based on square metre area and the complexity of the design. If you are happy with the quote, we then consult with you at your home while measuring the window. Glass samples are presented, and colours and textures chosen. A 25% deposit is then required to start the design process. Designs are hand-drawn and produced in 1:10 scale, they are painted in watercolours which replicate the glass colours chosen. Designs are then emailed to you for approval or any changes or new ideas you may have. Once we have a scaled design agreed on the window can go ahead and be made.

Difference between stained glass and leadlight?

In Australia stained glass windows are often referred to as Leadlights, this is a term that was originally used to describe non-colored leaded glass windows such as diamond windows but now really is used for any leaded window. Stained Glass used to refer to only church windows but again this is really a term that is now used to describe any leaded glass window.

Can my leadlight be repaired and will it be stronger?

All leadlights can be repaired, sometimes if the lead is still strong and not buckled and if there are not many breaks this can be done on-site without needing to remove the whole window. This is known as an on-site repair. If the window is badly damaged or bowing then it will need to be removed, temporarily glazed and re-lead in the studio. A rubbing is made of the window to ensure it is re-leaded correctly then it is carefully pulled apart and soaked to clean old cement and grime from the glass. Any broken pieces are matched and re-cut, the window is then rebuilt using new lead, cemented to weatherproof and polished so effectively you have a brand new window. Once reinstalled with any existing glazing bars reattached the leadlight will be as good as new.

How strong is stained glass?

All of our stained glass/leadlight windows are designed and constructed to achieve maximum strength. If necessary glazing bars are attached or internal reinforcing is used within the lead. The design will never have any compromised weaknesses, each piece of glass will never exceed maximum size or length so there will be no weak points in the window. For really large windows we recommend installing against existing glass if possible for added strength and protection. Many mass-produced leadlights found in door catalogues have inherent weaknesses in the design and construction and these products often come to our studio in need of repair.

How long will a window last?

As above all of our windows are made to last, in Europe, there are examples of medieval stained glass so with care these windows will outlast all of us! 

How can I protect my leadlight from breaking?

If you are worried about the location of your window maybe it’s close to a busy road, a public space or kids are playing in your garden then the leadlight can be installed against toughened clear glass or your existing clear window if rebate depth allows. Many repairs we have worked on have happened because of slamming doors, especially front doors, a simple way to stop this and to protect your leadlight door panel is to attach a slow closing mechanism to your door.

Can I obscure a view or stop people seeing in?

We have been commissioned to produce many windows which hide an unwanted view, maybe your neighbors’ house is too close, or a new building has obscured your view. Or maybe you don’t want people to see in through your front door. Glass is available in a huge range of textures for you to choose from. Textured glass won’t stop light coming in, but it will allow you more privacy.

Range of colours available?

We have available a vast array of colours in our sample boxes, these are presented to you on our home consultation where we can determine how they will look in the location of your new window or door panel. In addition to this range, Indigo Stained Glass also uses handmade/ mouthblown European glass to enhance the beauty of your window. We are one of the only companies in Sydney to offer this extended choice.

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