Commissioning a New Stained Glass or Leadlight Window

The process behind creating a new leadlight window is a wholly collaborative one. Each stained glass window is designed to order, to your specifications so your leadlight will be unique to you.

Whether you have a distinct idea of the leadlight window you want or no idea at all we will work with you to achieve a piece of stained glass that enhances and compliments the space it has been created for. Any style of design is possible from traditional heritage styles such as Federation, Art Deco, Victorian and Art Nouveau to designs inspired by past masters of stained glass such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Rennie Mackintosh. You may want something more contemporary or abstract or maybe something to echo Australian flora and fauna. There are endless possibilities and however vague your initial ideas we will work together to achieve your dream window

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The Process

The first step in the commissioning process is that a quote is provided based on the complexity of the design and size of your window. If you are unsure on design we can give a price range so you have an idea of costs then give an accurate quote once the design has been discussed further.

Once a quote is accepted we will visit you with our stained glass portfolio and sketch books and start working out design ideas, measure up and begin the exciting process of choosing glass samples.

You may have a colour scheme you wish to enhance or a view you wish to frame or possibly obscure, a garden you wish to link with your home or maybe a tile or piece of fabric you would like to use as an inspiration and starting point. Or you may have no idea of design just a feel of what you’d like to achieve. Even from the smallest inkling or suggestion a design will be formulated.

Or you may want to match some existing leadlights so photographs, measurements and rubbings will then be taken of your existing leadlights in order to get an exact match.

A deposit is then required which begins the next stage of the design process.

We then start to sketch the ideas we have discussed and draw scaled 1:10 size watercolour painted designs, we will email you the designs and consult with you until we achieve the design that works for you.

The scaled design is then hand drawn to full scale and glass chosen and cut. We use not only readily available coloured glass but also stunning European handmade glass which really makes our stained glass windows stand out from others in the industry who don’t use handmade / mouth-blown glass.

Depending on the design the glass pieces may be treated with various traditional stained glass techniques such as kiln fired paint and stain, acid etching, sandblasting and fusing.

Made to last

Stained glass windows last for very many years, properly made they will last for hundreds of years, having completed a stained glass apprenticeship in the UK and with almost 30 years’ experience, all of our stained glass / leadlight windows are manufactured to the highest technical and design standards.

Your windows are then installed within Australian Glazing standards by a licenced glazier. We always work to your timeframe to complete your leadlight windows, due to the many processes involved its best to try and give at least 6 to 8 weeks’ notice when commissioning a window so it can be completed on time.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact us.