New church / Ecclesiastic stained glass windows:

Over our years of experience, Indigo Stained Glass has had the pleasure to  design and install new windows for churches on the Central Coast, Brisbane and Sydney. Consulting with you every step of the way to design beautiful windows which complement your churches denomination and spirit. We install your windows ourselves, working with experienced and licensed glaziers we trust.

Church / Ecclesiastic Restoration and repairs

Even the divine can’t stop the natural ageing of our dwellings. Damaged or ageing stained glass windows are carefully removed for restoration in the studio, and if the lead is not damaged and the broken piece is accessible, it may be possible to replace it in situ without completely removing the window.

Make an enquiry for stained glass and leadlight repairs here:

Please include sizes and some description of windows/damage and whether the window is ground floor or higher.

If you like you can upload photos of the windows in question and/or windows you would like to match.